Get the
six pack

Be Strong they say...

... Be fit. Have no fat. Yeah… They all say that. We all surely want that. But it is a lot of work, and many of us end up having a hard time trying to get that precious six pack. Well, this has a lot to do with hormones, and for a long time people took them indiscriminately in order to have the best gain. Now, we know better, and Somatodrol came to the market to prove that!

Somatodrol is a supplement specially created to boost your testosterone without all the undesirable side effects. This way, you can safely improve your levels of testosterone, burn fat faster and gain more muscles. 

Get serious!

We and Bold was in charge of the identity, website and packaging of the brand. A manly, natural and effective medicine was the concept for it. Man are tired of taking supplements that don’t work. In everybody’s minds, medicines are more effective, they work and they are a serious thing. Well, so is Somatodrol!