Customized Gifts for memorable occasions

We all want our guests to leave our party with a memorable souvenir on their hands. It is a delicate and thoughtful symbol that expresses our gratitude towards their attention and dedication to us. Delicaderia is a gift emporium that creates special fragrances combined with moisturizers, aroma infusers, and instant hand sanitizers as elegant and decorative souvenirs for memorable occasions.

Every single formula and packaging is carefully thought to convey the feeling of magical moments such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, mother’s day, and every other celebration you might have.


Delicaderia counted on We and Bold to create their name, identity, website, packaging, and they still rely on us to design their customized souvenirs on demand. Each and every one of them is carefully designed to express the magical feeling of the occasion, turning it to something memorable.